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Initium BI:
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We provide an endless and actionable data solution to identify, track and evaluate future and current investment opportunities.

Start unlocking the true potential of data.

Data mining is evolving, we help you create a unique and dynamic data
ecosystem that evolves over time.

It starts with Strategic Guidance

Many data discussions can go around in circles, our strategic guidance and experience can provide many ways to help you the client identify other key metrics that are valuable creating a limitless experience.

We provide new ways to evaluate your company. We collect reviews and surveys from both employees and consumers.
We are (second to none) when it comes to collecting hard to find/collect data.  Our engineers have extensive experience working with the United States Department of Defense amongst many other unique commercial (accomplished) projects.
We will start with our core data set, or another project of your needs, and continue to build layers, truly developing your own customized data ecosystem over time.

Core Data Set

Our Core Data set consists of job postings, hiring company profiles and ratings, compensation, and benefit surveys, resumé profiles, skills and assessments, government agency publications and more

We provide new ways to evaluate your company and we collect reviews and surveys from both employees and consumers.
We can track hiring trends and over time can show many things like, how many roles are they hiring for, what will the costs be for those hires, how long is it taking them to fill the position, is this a desirable place to work, are they currently not hiring or leveraging human capital resources?  These questions can be answered and more.

Quality With Extensive Experience

Transparency through collaboration is vital to building a successful relationship.  We never want our clients to feel confused or blindsided, this will be a top priority as we are able to trust our abilities with data strategy and collection.

Initium Business Insight Solutions

Our solution, collect & curate data that isn’t widely being used, then leverage that data along with personalized information to customize a completely unique solution to match your specific investment criteria.

Insight For Companies

In partnership with Public insight, we offer Insight for Companies which allows our clients to instantly analyze important company data metrics while researching the regional and national labor market landscape.

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Tailored Reporting

Using the data and power of the IFC platform, clients can work with your IBI consulting specialist to customize an easy-to-read report that provides the information you need.

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Custom Projects

Anyone can create code to crawl websites, but our ability to work with our clients to help them identify metrics is combined with our experience to creatively find a way to collect and execute our plan is a truly unique practice within the fields of data collection and analyzation.

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Virtual Data Team

Once we have earned our clients trust and demonstrate our expertise, we offer the ability to work on retainer as your dedicated outsourced data team.

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Chief Data Officer

If our clients already subscribe to a general “out of box “software subscription like Pitchbook or Owler, we can keep adding layers where they left off or fill in any gaps they may be missing.

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IBI is ready to leverage our experience and expertise within the field of data collection and analyzation in whatever way our clients need.

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